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Is it safe to use triamcinolone cream on the face

is it safe to use triamcinolone cream on the face

Tricortone contains the active ingredient triamcinolone acetonide (a type of If you are using Tricortone cream, use enough to disappear into the skin especially on areas of thinner skin, such as the face, joint creases, groin and armpits.
How to Use Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream Safely. Use Triamcinolone cream only on the skin and do not use it on groin, underarms, or the face, unless.
Triamcinolone acetonide cream (Kenalog topical cream, Triacet, Triderm) The risk of adrenal suppression is highest in children who use triamcinolone acetonide cream, DailyMed reports. changes, high blood sugar, excessive body hair growth or facial puffiness. Can You Add Aspirin to Skin Cream?.

Have: Is it safe to use triamcinolone cream on the face

Generic triamcinolone nasal spray Switch to Hybrid Mode. Potent topical steroids like triamcinolone are not generally suitable for children, although short courses may occasionally be prescribed for an older child by a skin specialist doctor. Other brands: KenalogTridermAristocort ATrianexMore. I lube up her entire body with Vaseline which helps the dryness. You may need triaamcinolone treatment if you get some of the side effects. If there is active eczema at the eyebrows, you could see some temporary thinning of the hair.
Triamcinolone for eczema no prescrotion When applying this medication near the eyesavoid getting it in the eyes as this may worsen or cause glaucoma. He prescribes Blephamide to use around the eyes. Many medications can cause side effects. Store it according to the package instructions. Unneeded medications should be disposed of in special ways to ensure that pets, children, and other people cannot consume them. If you use it less often kn you should, it may not work as well and fsce skin problem may not improve.
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Dating; Talking About Sex. If they do not, then the child should be re-evaluated. It has been the best thing for her eczema. Side effects can be mild or severe, temporary or permanent. I would like to discuss this with her dermatologist.

is it safe to use triamcinolone cream on the face

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